What We're About

The Renaissance.  It was a time of rebirth, new ideas, fresh perspectives.  This movement brought a sense of new life to a society (literally) plagued with disease, famine, and civil unrest.  

The team at The Outdoor Renaissance takes this movement to the outdoors, where we not only explore what the world has to offer us – but also to explore the possibilities of what we can offer the world. 

The Outdoor Renaissance Team envisions a healthy planet full of healthy people – where we join together as a community of outdoor enthusiasts to conserve the planet, and enrich our human connections.

Our mission is to inspire action, curiosity, and a sense of wonderment about the planet we all call home. We encourage others to find their own personal connection to nature to create a world more intimately integrated in life, beauty, and spirit.

Meet the Team

Director of Operations

Katie Sullivan

Katie is the "lady behind the curtain", so to speak.  She manages the team's content calendars, social media accounts, website, and all the things that make consistent content creation happen.

Chief Content Creator

Mike Sullivan

Mike is a genuine people person, which is a big reason why he decided to start The Outdoor Renaissance. Throughout most of his adult life, Mike has had a strong relationship with the outdoors. Coincidently, it’s also where he has established some of the most important communities of people in his life.

Chief Content Creator

Tyler McGeough

Tyler is a wilderness man at his core, known for  planning and enjoying brutal backpacking trips through leg busting terrain while bringing enough whiskey to share with the whole crew.

Chief Content Creator

Patrick Lenertz

The most effective and insightful way Patrick finds peace on the inside is by spending time outside.  As a member of The Outdoor Renaissance team, Patrick hopes to inspire others to go outside to seek and find their own unique connection with Nature.