Mike Sullivan

Chief Content Creator

Mike is a genuine people person, which is a big reason why he decided to start The Outdoor Renaissance. Throughout most of his adult life, Mike has had a strong relationship with the outdoors. Coincidently, it’s also where he has established some of the most important communities of people in his life.

Mike can be found most often hiking, or backpacking, but enjoys a plethora of outdoor activities, including climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, and canyoneering.

When Mike is not outside or working, he is usually researching about the outdoors, scouring the internet for the next trip, reading about new sports to get into, and most importantly, reading about ecological and conservation issues.

In his research, Mike has noticed that there is a rift in the outdoor world, between certain communities and even within communities, especially when it comes to conservation. Mike strongly believes that the best way to preserve our natural spaces is to set aside our differences, start important conversations, and come together as one outdoor community with the common goal of preserving our public lands.