Patrick Lenertz

Chief Content Creator

The most effective and insightful way Patrick finds peace on the inside is by spending time outside.  As a member of The Outdoor Renaissance team, Patrick hopes to inspire others to go outside to seek and find their own unique connection with nature. 

Spending time outside in the serene beauty that we gratefully get to call home (i.e. Earth) has evolved Patrick’s own understanding of life, the Self, and our role as a species on this planet and beyond, and he wants to share that with others. 

Whether by hiking, backpacking, camping, exercising, playing sports, meditating, or the myriad of other activities one can do in the Great Outdoors, Patrick hopes people will make time to reconnect with Nature and themselves.

Patrick’s connection with Mother Earth unknowingly began as a child while wandering through the woods of Minnesota, his home state.  The depth of that connection was not truly realized until moving to Southern California, where he now has access to the ocean, mountains, desert, and forest, and all of the insightful serenity each environment maintains. 

His connection to the Outdoor Renaissance team began as a network of friendships that led to various hiking, backpacking, and hiking excursions throughout California. While Patrick’s love of the outdoors runs through his blood, he also has a love for music and education.  He holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Performance, and he works as a freelance musician and educator throughout the Los Angeles area. Patrick currently resides in Long Beach, CA.