Tyler McGeough

Chief Content Creator

Tyler is a wilderness man at his core, known for planning and enjoying brutal backpacking trips through leg-busting terrain while bringing enough provisions to share with the whole crew.

He finds opportunities to get outside whenever possible between his busy schedule as a freelance trombonist and music educator.  His range of outdoor activities is broad and includes, hiking, backpacking, camping, trail running, fishing, bodyboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing and mountaineering to name a few.  If the activity is outdoors, especially in the mountains, count Tyler in.

Tyler strongly believes that our wild places and wild activities have the power to connect people to each other and the earth in a way that is becoming less common in todays day and age.  He wishes to tell the stories of wilderness mongers everywhere through The Outdoor Renaissance, with the ultimate goal of inspiring people to get outside to understand themselves and the planet on more intimate and primal level.