Bring a Damn Map

#9 – Bring a Damn Map

The Outdoor Renaissance crew takes a backpacking trip to summit 2 peaks: San Bernardino and San Gorgonio mountains.  You would think for 3 experienced backpackers that they’d no better than to set off on the trek without a map or a navigation device – but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting story.  Listen to this week’s episode recounting all the dirty details on making it out of the SoCal wilderness alive and safely.  Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review!

Mentioned in this episode:

Limber Pine Bench

San Bernardino Peak Trail

San Gorgonio Wilderness

McGeough Vernacular heard in this episode:

squirrelybirds (adj.): meaning, quite drunk, probably from whiskey.

Ex: I was a little squirrelybirds already by the time I reach the camp site.

fork-assing (v.)making shit up, most likely about other people.

Ex: Tyler was fork-assing when he said Mikey always goes to bed first.

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