Living with the Bare Minimum, with Ryan Minarik

#10 – Living with the Bare Minimum, with Ryan Minarik

Join the Outdoor Renaissance Team as they talked with Reform Life founder Ryan Minarik. Ryan is a surfer who, in the last few years, has committed himself to full-time “van life”.  Ryan is passionate about inspiring individuals to care for the environment – so much so that he developed an entire line of reusable items from coffee cups, produce bags, and utensils to help us all reduce our impact.

But that doesn’t even begin to sum up what Ryan has to offer.  He shares his story of how he finally pulled the trigger and went through with full-time van life, and rails off tips on how to get through the not so refreshing parts of living in a van full time (showering, #1, #2, etc.)  As if that wasn’t enough, Ryan shares some of his own personal philosophy about discovering your true self and inner essence simply by being outside.

Don’t miss it.

McGeough Vernacular

envirn (n.): short for environment (why didn’t he just say the whole word?? lol)

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