Save the Planet…even in your own backyard, with Nidhi Vinod

Episode 06 – Save the Planet…even in your own backyard, with Nidhi Vinod

Nidhi Vinod, co-founder of Soil Cycles HVA, shares her story with The Outdoor Renaissance Team about how her passion for the outdoors inspired her to start this amazing organization.  Soil Cycles HVA is a bicycle-powered compost collection service in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that serves the community by collecting compostable food waste from residents and local restaurants, and transports via bicycle, and delivers it to a local composting hub.  When the composting process is complete, rich healthy soil is delivered to compost donors.

Nidhi shares how Soil Cycles HVA has positively impacted her community, not only by reducing food waste, but also by aiding in climate change efforts in reducing carbon emissions.  On top of that, Soil Cycles HVA engages with youth in the community to inspire them to action in saving the planet as well.

It’s no doubt you’ll leave this episode feeling inspired to do your part in keeping our planet healthy.  Listen below.

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